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POSTED: 07.24.06
PRIME BioSolutions
There's ethanol . . . and then there's ethanol made the PRIME BioSolutions way - the gold standard that has no equal in the marketplace. PRIME's patented ethanol production process is unlike any other.
  • It's 95 - 100% free of dependence on fossil fuels.
  • It substantially reduces manure-related pollution in the livestock and dairy industry.
  • Its cost is 25 - 30 percent below the industry standard.
  • It creates the ideal environment to produce source-verified beef, milk, cheese, and other dairy products.
  • It also produces bio-fertilizers that replenish the environment naturally.
That's what this pure green production process does; here's how it does it.

PRIME BioSolutions' Closed-loop System
The loop starts with bushels of corn entering the ethanol unit.

The starch portion of each bushel yields almost three gallons of ethanol.

The byproduct of ethanol production, the natural, protein-rich wet distillers grain (WDG), is fed to cattle in the on-site feedlot.

Animal waste is captured "cleanly" in the specially designed feedlot or dairy and converted to biogas in the anaerobic digesters of the solid waste treatment system.

Residual material from the digesters is separated into liquid and solid biofertilizers, replacing fertilizers derived from natural gas.

Biogas from the anaerobic digesters fuels the ethanol unit, replacing costly natural gas.

PRIME BioSolutions' system is a highly efficient method of converting solar energy captured by the corn plant into liquid and gaseous fuels and a range of green products - truly renewable ethanol, "natural" beef and dairy products and pathogen- and odor-free biofertilizers - that consumers seek. And best of all, it is cost-effective.
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